Dr. Charles L. Houston • Darien, Georgia

Caring Connection Chaplaincy is passionate about serving and ministering to departments of public safety, their families, and the people they encounter and serve in the line of duty.

We focus primarily on providing services in coastal and adjacent counties of the State of Georgia. However, we are also available statewide as needed.

We provide chaplaincy support for Georgia State Patrol, GBI, Department of Natural Resources, Darien Police Department as well as any other police officers and departments of public who request our services.

We are a member of the Georgia Homeland Security Chaplaincy which serves at the pleasure of the Governor. We receive regular training, and are subject to call up for disaster events in the State of Georgia. We are currently developing a plan to assist local police Explorer Posts. In addition, we have developed a Public Safety program which we present to churches and civic clubs in the coastal Georgia region.